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A Sydney based specialised Online Store who is a key player in the Australian Hardware Industry.


The Client needed a Strategic outsourcing partner to build new Web applications on their website + to maintain the order processing and inventory management in the most efficient way.


The new website allows customers to easily browse through our clients complete products range through a comprehensive navigation system which flows clearly from stage to stage eliminating confusion.


Our client is a recognised leader with a strong online presence and reputation in the supply and distribution of wholesale hardware products to businesses and hardware’s, stocking and supplying only proven leading brands of the highest quality.

The client


Our client has a strong presence online with a very good concept offering over 30,000 units rivalling competitors such as Bunnings with up to a 20% reduction in wholesale price purchases. Their current website was inadequate with limited functions and unable to operate effectively or cope with the volume of business.

The company sought out Supreme Supports for our skill and expertise in Website Development. The brief was very explicit, identify all areas of fault and streamline their system from start to finish, incorporating a full online stock inventory system to marry up with sales as they occurred. This would allow for automated, accurate stock control at all times, providing the business with stock levels at a glance.

The website needed to clearly label products, materials and relevant trade connections with an easy to navigate menu allowing a quick purchase process with no room for misinterpretation.


With the brief clear in our vision, the team began the process of redesigning our client’s website. Due to the complexities involved and the number of interlinking pages we needed to ensure that each concept and element of the website married up with accuracy.

A strategic brief was developed outlining each of the main menu navigators, working down through easily identifiable avenue with a clear progression. Through a collaborative approach and constant clear communication with the customer our website development team identified a system which worked seamlessly.

The next stage was the actual development, categorising and inputting the thousands of products. Cross referencing where necessary with a clear and understandable process to visibly guide purchasers through the buying process to checkout.

A search function was included to allow easy location for particular items. Additionally, our web developers painstakingly set up the e-commerce aspect of the site linking each individual product with the inclusion of an inbuilt inventory control system, showing stock on hand at any one time.Due to the company only having an online presence it was imperative to fine-tune each tiny element to tie in with the next. Purchases could be of substantial size and the e-commerce feature needed to allow for this.


The new website allows customers to easily browse through our clients complete products range through a comprehensive navigation system which flows clearly from stage to stage eliminating confusion. Other key elements which are now present include:

  • Comprehensive product list which is easily updatable with specification, product changes or new images
  • Integrated credit card payment gateway with one of the BIG 4 banks in Australia (Commonwealth Bank)
  • The streamline of a complex e-commerce system which functions without fault
  • Clear order picking sheet for our clients to fulfil orders
  • Real-time inventory tracking system
  • Print orders for the client
  • Clear ordering process


  • Increase in online sales by 55%.
  • Enhanced, user friendly and easily navigable design and user interface.
  • Automation of the majority of tasks previously done manually, eliminating human error and providing quick easily referenceable information.
  • Client does not need to worry about their site's performance anymore, and can use more time on core management.