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Our Client is a Specialised Real Estate Agency.


Needed Real Estate Images Retouching Service with Process Control and efficiency.


Quick Turnaround time of less than 24 hours to meet the Business requirement.


The client is a long established and leading real estate agency with a national presence throughout Australia. With expansion and increased volume of stock the client has sought out Supreme Supports with the intention of outsourcing the critical element of image editing, including digitally enhanced property photographs, 360 degree Virtual tours, high end multimedia presentations and creative advertising photography such as aerial photography and cinematography.


The client required professional retouching services to Supreme Supports with raw data files and images and additional cinematography footage including air and land for virtual tour compilation. With the large volume of photo image editing being produced the real-estate project presented a unique challenge in ensuring we could complete the workload to exceptional quality and standards within the timeframes dictated by the real-estate.

The images needed to be kept within acceptable size frames and image quality for acceptable viewing and easy downloading on computers, and other technology mediums such as smart phones, iPad, etc. On a daily basis we are supplied with the following challenges:

  • Retouching large volumes of raw images or Jpeg files of high resolution, including, colour saturation, colour depth, tone, contrast and highlights
  • Adjusting photographs of poor quality, which included dark rooms, shadows, motion blur, over and under exposure
  • Availability for a quick turnaround for priority jobs without compromise on quality
  • Superimposing images to add and remove elements
  • Perspective distortion
  • Aberration – a distortion of image quality of colour rendition in a photo caused by optimal limitations
  • Barrel distortion – optical distortion resulting in image bowing out of square
The Client


With the extensive expertise levels of the staff at Supreme Supports we were well equipped to take on the challenges of conducting image editing for our client.

Our solution incorporated the following components when combined enabled us to complete each and every load of images and cinematography to create virtual tours, multi-media presentations and high resolution images which were clear, correctly balanced presenting each home superbly.

A dedicated team of professionals for the editing, retouching and compilation of real estate images with advanced skills in Photoshop, and understanding of photography and creative flair

  • Developed a designated link to allow for quick transfer of images from and to the client
  • Implemented a time frame schedule in collaboration with the client to ensure photo stock was received, edited and returned within permitted deadlines
  • We ensured we used the latest photo editing software applications and up-to-date ongoing training of staff members on the editing team


The commitment and dedication displayed by the team at Supreme Supports has justified the decision from the real-estate agency in outsourcing the photo editing component to our company.

With a strong combined effort we have proven to the real estate how valuable our expertise and skills are in producing a quality of image unobtainable before without investing copious amounts of time and money.
The significant financial savings associated with Supreme Supports outsourcing professionalism have enabled the company to invest in other areas of the business allowing them to concentrate on more prudent matters of securing ongoing business and revenue growth.

The hassles and dilemmas of recruiting and training staff in-house have been eliminated.