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We will identify incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, irrelevant etc. parts of the data and then replacing, modifying or deleting this unwanted ‘dirty’ data. We understand how the non-useful data found on your system can get in the way of you working on your systems most efficiently, and so we intend to address this issue with our data cleansing service. We make sure that you only retain the data that you really need along the way, and that your system gets free from those that are of no use to you.

We do this by detecting and correcting corrupt, incorrect, inconsistent, or inaccurate records and data on your systems, table, record set, or data base. If necessary, we will remove the these non-useful data as well.

Aside from completely getting rid of your unwanted system data and files, we may also modify, or replace the same if appropriate. This is to convert the incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect, and irrelevant parts of your system with ones that you can use.

We will proofread and remove the typographical errors in your documents. We will validate, re-check, and correct values against a known list of entities.

As low as $8.00 per hour

Why You Need This Service and What we offer

  • Inconsistencies may have been caused by different data dictionary definitions of similar entities in different stores.
  • Inconsistencies may have been caused by different data dictionary definitions of similar entities in different stores.
  • Inconsistencies may have been caused by user entry errors.
  • Inconsistencies may have been corrupted in transmission or storage.
  • Incorrect or inconsistent data can lead to false conclusions and misdirected investments.
  • Using inconsistent and Invalid data, any Business will suffer the cost of resending mails or even losing customers.

What We Offer


Data Scrubbing

We will correct the information which could have changed over a period of time. For example, addresses and other relevant information. We will update that which you have as of the moment, modify or add additional information and data if the need be.


Data Standardization

Same data stored at different locations or file formats is brought under singular and more easily manageable structure. Through this, you get to have easier access to the files that you need; and in a quicker manner.


Data Alignment

We will sort out data and place them at correct locations. The process is enormously useful for querying, coding and reporting purposes. This should also allow you to have a more presentable and more easily comprehendible data sheets.


Data De-Duplication Services

Inaccurate data repetitions are resolved ( using keying and programmatic techniques). Duplicate data do not only eat up your system’s resources; it also slows down efficiency of use of the same. Get rid of the duplicate data on your system for optimum system use.

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