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Forms processing involves extracting written information from image format or paper based forms and subsequently put into according to clients instruction into a database or electronic format for easy retrieval. In Forms Processing, clients are able to store and retrieve data in an electronic manner, thereby promoting better efficiency in their business processes. This is an excellent solution for businesses and organizations that are yet to organize their data, forms, and information that are paper based, allowing them to preserve the same through processing them to be in electronic formats.

At SS we deliver our clients with superior level of forms processing service with minimal error and quickest turnaround time. We can capture data from all types of handwritten and typed forms. By converting forms into electronic format our clients can gain a less storage and easy retrieval database of their previously existing hard copies. As much as we undertake all our other services with reliability and accuracy, so do we do with our forms processing service. Our clients can always rely on our promise of providing them with data they can trust– accurate, and error-free.

After capturing the data from all the forms, we use specialized software’s and utilize the technology for OCR/ ICR/ OMR to upload this in a structured way into clients’ database or the one we create for our clients.

While using data recognition software may reduce our time and effort, it is equally important to verify this process at every stage with our experienced data entry executives in order to create an accurate and organized database for our clients.

As low as $8.00 per hour

Different Types of Forms processing

  • Change of Address Coupon
  • Redemption forms
  • Credit Card application forms
  • Health Claim forms
  • Information Request
  • Forms Insurance
  • Enrolment forms Census Forms
  • Claim forms Legal Forms
  • Loan Application Forms
  • Market research forms
  • Medical Claim forms
  • Mortgage Claim forms

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