Hire a developer

In today’s arena, online appearance plays a significant role and hiring the right personnel to undertake the right tasks makes company successful. Hiring a developer from an agency is a suitable way to combine the liberty of a freelancer and the stability of work with an agency.  Hiring devoted resources assist you to reduce many expenses such as recruitment, fringe allowances, promotion, training, infrastructure etc. compared to your in-house personnel’s. On our Dedicated Developing plans, we expand your team with our highly skilled developers to work with you efficiently accomplishing your requirements.

Create outstanding business plans with our highly expertise and qualified developers for your business requirements. We deliver custom services to a wide range of companies by exceeding our client’s satisfaction. You can even contact directly with the developers regarding your projects, similarly as you would with your in-house employees.

We understand that every work requires varying skill-sets and hiring individuals. We provide you the flexibility of hiring developers according to your requirements on Monthly/Weekly/Hourly basis.

Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Developer from us


Companies who frequently have a high volume of projects may effectively need full-time positions to complete all their projects. Outsourcing development tasks can then be a cheaper option than completing each project on fixed-price grounds. The dedicated developers will efficiently work in our official premises under expert supervision of managers and experienced professionals, to give the full advantages of our agency model accomplishing your goals cost effectively.

Direct Communication

Some entrepreneurs prefer to have direct control over supervising work of developers, such as if they have highly specialized requirements about the process. It is also preferable if additional tasks beyond development tasks are needed, such as managing maintenance of web portals on a continuous basis. They can directly interact with our developers as they would do with their in-house team.


Hiring a developer from us makes it easy to scale up or down when required. As compared from having your own in-house developer, we can just move the developer back to working on a project-basis with other dealers if you don't have enough tasks. Also, if there is a need to hire an extra developer we'll provide one for you, expert them in your preferences extending an efficiency to your development team.

Working Hours Facility

In cooperation with many partners, we have successfully assisted in different time zones, from Asia to the USA. We're pleased to share our experience on how to make it work efficient, and under certain situations it may also be possible to make additional arrangements to our working hours in order to facilitate assistance with you as our partner.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We deliver our partners complete security and privacy agreements ensuring them to maintain their privacy even after the completion of projects. We understand your security purposes and have been cooperating with our partners abiding by their safety values.

Our Fields of Expertise

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