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Magento e-Commerce Development Solution

If it’s your desire to develop a new magento e-commerce project OR get access to specialized development expertise in the middle phase of the development then you have come to the right place.

Over the years, we have been working with the magento platform to develop our dynamic style of handling magento development projects. We do not only work hard to provide your desired solution, we also provide solutions that will make your Magento website successful in the online market place.

Magento Development covers diverse areas ranging from custom theme development through to complicated third party system integration. Our priority is to assist and work with you in creating the best solution that will bolster your business. We also draw from our pool of industry experience to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions with industry relevant advice.

Magento Development

Version Control

Version control is an important part of our work. We work with different development agencies and we know that your developers can work on the websites as well and you might assign a specific task to us. We use Git (or SVN if any of our client prefers to use that) to log every code modification to the website. In other words, it’s easier for us to check back and see the section responsible for a bug or error and whenever it was deployed. Version control also gives our clients peace of mind that we can roll back to earlier version when the need arises.

Add-on Services

Customer Products and Order/Store Migration

We can help you with assisting in migrating your customers, orders and products information into your new Magento Website.
We have different range of methods in migrating your data from one platform to the other. We will use the solution which is the most suitable in your case.

Extesion Development

Sometimes your need might be what nobody has ever attempted before. We can assist by developing custom Magento extension to increase your website’s functionality.

Third Party Integration

With the constant evolution of the internet, hundreds of third party integrations are available. Everything from social media to complicated point of sales or ERP, we are your best bet.

Project Gone Wrong?

We have experience completing your runaway projects. If your project is “80% complete” and your team is nowhere to be found, let us know. We will make sure that your website goes live in a reasonable time frame.

Just Need One Thing

We can engage for very short projects, we call them small enhancements. Contact us and we’ll take a look, give you an estimate, and get it done.


If you have some concerns, let us know. We can perform an audit (easy) and recommend what is needed.

If you have something unusual, or totally customized to be developed on MAGENTO then give us a call or send us an email or you can even reach us with the below contact form and we’ll be happy to give you an idea of how we can help bring your ideas to life.

Our Standard MAGENTO development rate starts at $21 / hour. However our preference is always to give you a FIXED QUOTATION for your specific project so that you are assured on your budget.

"Remember, we are totally invisible to your clients – 100% white label service."